Physical Activity Pattern of Male College Students in Chennai

  • V Bhavani Dietician, ESIC Medical College and Hospital, KK Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
  • N Prabhavathy Devi Assistant Professor, Queen Mary’s College, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Physical activity, Barriers, Fitness, BMI



Background: As per the saying ‘Health is wealth', physical activity plays a vital role in improving and maintaining individuals, physical, mental and social wellbeing. Physical activity among the students is significant since they are the future pillars of the nations.

Aim: To study the physical activity pattern of the male college students in Chennai

Methods and Tools: 500 male students from Arts and Sciences college in Chennai were randomly selected for the study. Using an interview schedule, the physical activity pattern of the subjects like type, frequency, duration of physical activity were determined. Reasons and barriers to physical activity were also studied.

Results: only 41.4% of subjects performed physical activity regularly — the majority of the students engaged in walking and gym activities. Most of the students showed physical activity for 0-2 days per week. Fitness and enjoyment were the reasons mentioned for performing physical activity. Lack of time was reported to be the barrier for performing the physical activity by the study group.

Conclusion: Students must spend more time on physical activity both on- campus and off- college for well- being of health, to de-stress themselves, to maintain the social relationship. This may enhance the effectiveness of studying and thus improve student performance.

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