Import and Export of Small Cardamom in India

  • M Anbuchelvi Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Cardamom Planters' Association College, Theni, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Import, Export of Cardamom and Foreign Earning for India


Indian Small Cardamom is famous in the world over decades for its’ quality, colour and standards. However, India imports Cardamom from other countries for various reasons such as high price in the domestic market, bulk seasonal and festival demand for Cardamom from North India. Countries like Guatemala with a wide area of plantations with naturally conducive weather and climate paves the way for mass production of Cardamom at a lower cost. This has resulted in the mixing of those lesser quality cardamoms with higher quality Cardamom produce in India. Moreover, there are many illegal routes with which Guatemala Cardamom is smuggled into India. Export of Cardamom has several formalities and procedures to be followed. The State and Central Government have regulated the import and export of cardamom to various countries in the world. There are several distributing channels of Cardamom with auction centres, wholesaler, retailer and other intermediaries through which the Cardamom reaches the customers in India and abroad. The international market for Indian Cardamom is competitive as more countries try to dump their product. But there is ample scope for Indian Cardamom to rule in the Global Market.

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