Impacts of Ecotourism in Kodaikanal

  • P Ramachentrayar Assistant Professor & Deputy Controller of Examinations P.G. and Research Department of Commerce Saraswathi Narayanan College (Autonomous), Madurai
Keywords: Ecotourism, Environmental, Sustainable,, Conservation, Development


Ecotourism is led by motives like spirit of enquiry, love of beauty, search for knowledge and respect for nature. It aims at quality tourism which creates minimal damage to the natural, social and cultural environment. The Ecotourism Society says that nature travelers must contribute to sustainable future for the destinations they visit. They are expected to make donation to conservation projects, contribute time to reforestation and participate in conservation projects. Appropriate local management and skill can satisfy both the visitor and local community. Hence, this article has paid attention to the impacts of ecotourism in Kodaikanal.

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