Education-Based Women’s Empowerment

  • B Jaya Shree Priyadarshini Assistant Professor of Biological Science – Education, N.K.T National college of education for Women, Triplicany, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Empowerment, Gender Disparity, Freedom


Since educated women may contribute significantly to the growth of their nation, the education of women is a vital concern for both the government and civil society in India. The ability to respond to problems, challenge their established roles, and transform their lives are all made possible by education, which is a major step in the empowerment of women. We must not undervalue the value of education in light of India’s recent rise to superpower status and the empowerment of women in general. The most effective method to alter women’s status in society is education. India has always recognized the need of educating women since it is the cornerstone of women’s empowerment. Education also helps to lessen inequality, enhances a person’s standing within the family, and fosters the idea of involvement.

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