Facial Detection System Master Strike

  • Deepa K.R Department of Master of Computer Applications Raja Rajeswari College of Engineering, Bangalore
  • Bhavya C Department of Master of Computer Applications Raja Rajeswari College of Engineering Bangalore
Keywords: Master Face, Wolf Attack, Face Recognition System, Latent Variable Evolution.


Owing to its simplicity, face authentication is increasingly extensively used, particularly on mobile devices, rather to authentication using a personal identification number or an unlock pattern. Therefore, it has evolved into an enticing target for attackers employing a presentation assault. should be strong, making them difficult to remember, and should be updated on a frequent basis to guarantee security. Personal identification numbers and unlock patterns are more handy than passwords, but the user must remember them, and others may be able to see them. Biometric authentication, which employs a biometric property unique to the user and eliminates the need to memorise anything, is an even more easy option.
As an approach, this paper suggests utilising public-key encryption with keyword search to lessen the computing cost of biometric identification systems while maintaining privacy. Fully homomorphic encryption serves as template protection to ensure the long-term security of biometric data.

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