Bird Book Using Django

  • T Subburaj Department of Master of Computer Applications Raja Rajeswari College of Engineering
  • Deeraj C Department of Master of Computer Applications Raja Rajeswari College of Engineering
Keywords: Birdbook, Sql, Web Technologies, Encyclopedia.


BIRDBOOK is an innovative web-based project designed to provide an encyclopedia and online social media environment for bird enthusiasts. The platform is built using the Django framework and incorporates a range of technologies which are used in web development , Python, and SQL databases. BIRDBOOK agenda is to serve bird enthusiasts with a complete and interactive platform to study and understand more about the birds and connect with other bird enthusiasts.The platform’s primary goal is to provide an extensive and interactive encyclopedia for birds. The site contains a vast database of bird species, their descriptions, and photos. Users can browse through the encyclopedia and study about variety of bird’s family and their species and their characteristics. In addition, the platform allows users to contribute to the encyclopedia by adding new bird species, updating existing information, and uploading images. BIRDBOOK is designed to a comprehensive resource for bird enthusiasts, serving user with necessary data they need to study about different kinds of bird and their species. The site offers detailed descriptions of bird species, including their habitat, behavior, and distribution. Users can browse through the encyclopedia to understand more about bird and their variety of species and their unique characteristics. In addition to the encyclopedia, BIRDBOOK serves as a social communication/ social network platform for bird enthusiasts. Users can create profiles, connect with other users, join groups, they can show their bird-watching experiences. The platform also includes a feature for users to report bird sightings, making it a valuable tool for ornithologists and birdwatchers.

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