Price Part for Used Suvs

  • T Subburaj Department of Masters of Computer Applications Rajarajeswari College of Engineering
  • Faisal Pasha A Department of Masters of Computer Applications Rajarajeswari College of Engineering
Keywords: Artificial Neural Network, Keras Regression Algorithm


Due to factors including high prices, limited supply, financial inability, and other factors, newly built cars standincapable to reach buyers despite the significant expansion in car usage. As aoutcome, the used automobile industry is growing rapidly all over the world, but it is still in its infancy in India and is largely dominated by the unorganised sector. This creates the potential for deception when purchasing a used car. Consequently, a very precise version capable of estimate the cost of a used car without favouring either the customer or the merchandiser is needed. A Supervised learning-based Artificial NeuralsSystemperfect and a The approach generates two separate neuralssystemmockups, which may profit on the provided automobile dataset.
For dependable and accurate forecasts, a large number of unique attributes are considered. The findings achieved are in line with theoretical predictions, and they outperform models that rely on straightforward linear models. The Keras Regression algorithm, the Kera as the Regressoor, and many more automated learning methods, including Random Forest, Lasso, Ridge, and Linear regressions, are used to construct an ANN (Artificial Neural Network). The automobile dataset is secondhand to test these techniques. According to experimental findings, the AccidentalForestryclassical has fashioned the least amount of error out of all the other algorithms, with a Mean Absolute Error value of 1.0970472 and R2 error value of 0.772584.
Everyday, the world and everyone’s expectations are expanding. Out of all the anticipation, one of them will buy an automobile. Everyone will eventually purchase a used due to their inability to shell out to buy a new one every time. A new person, however, is not familiar with the used car market pricing for his or her desired vehicle. The value case for old automobiles got stronger when the charge of new cars rose as aoutcome of greater technology costs.

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