Big Data Privacy-Preserving Data Encryption Strategy in Mobile Cloud Computing

  • Shreedhar Maruti Kumbhar Department of Computer Applications Raja Rajeswari College of Engineering
  • Nisarga B Department of Computer Applications Raja Rajeswari College of Engineering
Keywords: Privacy-Preserving, Data Encryption Strategy, Big Data, Mobile Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity.


When it comes to large data applications in cloud computing, privacy has become a significant concern. The advantages of implementing these developing technologies have enhanced or modified service models and boosted application performancein several ways. However, the exponential growth in data volumes has brought forth a host of practical problems. The processing time required for data encryption is one of the major difficulties encountered in data processing and transmission. Many current applications forsake data passwords in order to maintain acceptable speed while yet taking privacy concerns into account. In this study, our main concern is privacy. and offer a unique data encryption technique dubbed Dynamic Data Encryption Strategy (D2ES).Under time restrictions, we propose to selectively encrypt data and apply privacy categorization algorithms. This method is intended to maximise the privacy protection scope by employing a selective encryption strategy within the execution time constraints. In our trials, the effectiveness of D2ES was examined, providing verification of the privacy increase.

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