Women’s Welfare Programmes in Kerala: An Overview

  • A Asharani Research Scholar in Political Science, Department of Kerala Studies, University of Kerala, Kariavattom, Kerala, India
Keywords: Welfare programmes, empowerment of women, women development, women rights, NGO’s, Indian Constitution


This study is largely depends upon the empowerment of women in kerala. Women’s are the marginalized group in the society. Social justice and human rights are equal to all people of their sex, race, caste, class, religion and such social differentiation. This seminar contains “The women welfare programmes in kerala an overview”. Earlier women life was confined within for walls of her house as the domestic slave whose only duty was child bearing, rearing and looking after the family. But now a days things are change in the society, our government also think for the women’s protection or the welfare organization was provided. Such organization are Working Women Hostel, NGO’s programmes, Women’s Training centre etc. These programmes to promote voluntary efforts in the field of Women’s empowerment. Today’s women has become to have a better acceptability and respectability, better status of equality with men better rights and previlages, better opportunity in all spheres of national life- social, economic and political. In addition to the legislative measures, the governments at the centre and state administrations have also initiated welfare measures for the developments and welfare or women but much more needs to be done to achieve thedesire objective. This seminar paper tries to observe the role of government in the field of women empowerment and welfare programmes in kerala.

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