Movements, Literature, Aesthetics – Reflections on Dalit Ideology

  • A Sindhu Assistant Professor of Hindi, Payyanur College, Payyanur, Kerala, India
Keywords: आन्दोलन, अंबेदकर, दलित, दलित अवबोध, दलित चिंतन, दलित बहुजन, दलित साहित्य, सौन्दर्यशास्त्र


This article describes the movements, literature and aesthetics of Dalit ideology in general. The codification of different angles and posititions in Dalit perspectives done here indicates  a brief history and development of Dalit thought. The relation between the aesthetics and activism is visible here. Writing itself becomes not only mere an experience but also shifts as a tool for social change. So it exceeds the so called consciousness of aesthetics. Also it is a shift in social, cultural and political thinking of mankind. It attacks the development therories of modern man and civilization. In general Dalit aesthetics deconstruct the binary thinking and rationality of modernity. Nature-Culture binary and its cultural boundaries became problematic here.

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