Digital Skills and Gender Equality

Keywords: Digital, Skills, Gender, Equality, Education


Today, gender equality and digital development are inextricably linked. Digital skills have become a necessity and no longer an option unlike a few years ago, especially after the pandemic. Technology has penetrated every nook and corner of society, so much so that it has become absolutely necessary to be able to function to the fullest and be in sync with the world around us. Against this backdrop, developing digital skills is imperative because of the role it plays in every aspect of life. Therefore, our education system needs to be more inclusive in order to bridge the gender digital divide. To bridge the gap and achieve gender equality, equal access and training is required. However, the implementation of such an education system, though, is an entirely different story. Digital skills education, especially for women and girls, is in a deplorable state. This paper will analyse the urgency of the need to address this issue and discuss potential measures to achieve equality.

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