A Study on Socio-Economic Condition of Women in Self Help Group (SHG) with Special Reference to Thenpalanchi Panchayat

  • M Nisanth Assistant Professor, Department of Social Work, Madurai Institute of Social Sciences, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India https://orcid.org/0009-0003-8035-9653
Keywords: Self Help Group (SHG), Women Empowerment, Socio – Economic Condition of Women


Self Help Group is an important tool which helps the rural women to acquire power for their self supportive life. The research aimed to study the socio – economic condition of women in Self Help Group (SHG) with special reference to Aandipatti. This research based on the demographic variables like age, gender, religion, educational qualification, marital status, occupational pattern, family size, monthly income, reason for joining in SHG, social factors and economic factors to determine socio economic conditions of the women in SHG in the study area. The researcher adopted Descriptive Research Design for this study. The researcher has been used Convenience sampling method for collecting the data. For the analysis, primary data collected from 82 women from various Self Help Groups and it was done by SPSS – Version 20. The researcher used self structure question for collect the data. SHGs should also be encouraged to form to eradicate poverty even among poor people. On the whole, the research concluded that the government, NGOs should dedicate their efforts to poverty alleviation through SHGs and maximum member were satisfied with the activities of SHG.

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