A Case Study Approach to Uncover Greenwashing and Ensure Consumer Protection

  • S Vijayalakshmi Assistant Professor, M.P. Birla Institute of Management, Bangalore
Keywords: Greenwashing, Consumer Safeguarding, Consumer Protection Laws, Patanjali Ayurveda, Sustainability, Green Labeling


Consumers in India are increasingly seeking eco-friendly products due to growing environmental awareness and heightened health concerns in the present-day scenario. Companies are promoting sustainable and eco-friendly products, but the presence of Greenwashing is evident. This Greenwashing marketing tactic is misleading consumers. This paper aims to examine the legal framework in the form of Indian legislation, rules and regulations that protect consumers and the sustainability of the environment. In addition, the paper analyses FMCG King, an Ayurvedic firm that is in discussion for greenwashing and misleading advertisements, demystifying this corporate case in the light of the legal environment.This paper focuses on the legal framework in which businesses can adopt sustainable business practices in India. The findings of this research emphasize the importance of protecting consumer interests and ensuring the appropriateness of business practices for policymakers, consumers and companies overall.

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