The Factors Behind the Educational Backwardness and Short Comings of the Students, the Case Study of T /Kinniyazakariyyavidyalaya in Trincomalee District

  • M Izzath Department of Arabic Language, South Eastern University of Sri Lanka, Oluvil, Sri Lanka
Keywords: The reasons, educational backwardness, short comings, Students, zakariyyavidyalaya


Learning plays an important role in the students’ holistic lives. Such as school lives, general life, marital life and so on and so forth. The formal education begins from the school at the same time, they get informal education both at religious institutes and non-governmental organization etc. without school education a society cannot be reformed educationally socially psychologically and economically sometimes emotionally in their every aspect of Human life. Education determines someones future it acts the beacon of hope for the entire humanity.Though there are almost 145 schools in kinniya zone unfortunately almost more than half of the schools are situated both remote and backward areas, and some schools are backwardly inaccessible,That is the very reason theses school children are lagging behind in educations. Any other typical rural schools this school is also deems to be backward in their learning process.the school namely T/ Kinniyazakariyyavidyalaya at Mahamar in the Kurinchakerny divisional secretariat, sample size 60 students and 6 teachers, the scope of the research is to findout the factors that lead to poor performance, dis interest and backwardness in learning, The accumulated data were collected using qualitatively and quantitatively as well as subjectivelyand objectively. The finding of the study portrays first of all socio economic factors coupled with poverty that triggers dropoutin school learning,another primary or secondary reason are that lack of awareness among the parents,lack of supportive environment and the under education of the teachers. The recommendation is to ameliorate itsscenario is that the students should be provided with adequate physical environment enforced with supportive and secured team of teachers who must be able to deal with any challenges to sort out the short comings.

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