The Nature of the World – Depicted by the Saivitie Canonical Litereture – Periya Puranam (The Great Ancient Tamil Epic)

  • C Manimegalai Associate Professor, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Upanishads, Cosmic Dance, quantum Physicists, Nataraja, devotional literature, Hindu religion


he Nayanmars of south India glorified Shiva Mahadeva. The ishta or Lord of the The istic Upanishads, who is manifest in the wild aspects of nature, mountains, forests, plants, animals, indeed, in all forms of life. He is the Energizer, The Changer as well as the Destroyer. But above all He is Shiva the Auspicious One who can transform even the most horrible, tragic aspects of existence into a blessing. The Cosmic Dance of Lord Shiva is the visual Symbol of the innate nature of matter – vibration or movement. The quantum Physicists now report that seemingly solid matter is nothing but energy, a cosmic dance of sub-atomic particles. In fact Fritj of Capra in his book the Tao of Physics calls Nataraja “The perfect symbol of quantum Physics”

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