Greatest Popular Monuments of Senji Fort in and Around its Other Places

  • M Periyammal Ph.D., Research Scholar (FT), Department of History, Government Arts College, Karur, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Nayaka capital, Arcot gate, Virgin Goddess, Vijayanagar Emperor, Krishnadeva Raya, Mughal emperor


Gingee the famous Nayaka capital immortalized by the ballads of Raja Desingh is a Taluk Headquarters in Villupuram, Tamilnadu. The lofty fortifications connecting the precipitous hills called krishnagiri; Chandragiri and Rajagiri show a triangular disposition. The fortified area is about 9km in circuit, marked by two main entrances, the eastern one know as the Pondicherry gate and the Northern one called the Arcot gate. According to tradition the name Gingee or Senji is derived from Senji Amman a Virgin Goddess. The original fort at Rajagiri was founded by Ababda Kon I the chief in A.D. 1200 and the Krishnagiri was fortified by his successor Krishna Kon A.D. 1240. Other buildings and structures were raised by the successive rulers of Gingee belonging to the Nayaks, Marathas, Mughals, Carnatic, Nawab the French and Biritsh families during the period from A.D. 1383 to 1780.

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