The Mayor S. Muthu and Civic Administration in Madurai

  • G. Premkumar Assistant Professor in History, Co-operative Arts and Science College, Madayi, Kannur, Kerala, India
Keywords: Subbiah Muthu, First Mayor of Madurai Municipal Corporation, His early life, involvement in Politics, Services to Madurai Municipal Corporation


-“Subbiah Muthu” popularly known as’ Madurai Muthu’ was born on 13th March 1916 in an ordinary peasant family.As a stanch follower of E.V.R, Muthu joined the DravidaKazhagam in 1944.Then he joined in DravidaMunnetraKzhagam in 1949.He was elected as a Member of Legislative Council (MLC) in 1966 and was also elected to Madurai Council and became the Chairman in 1969 and Mayor in 1971.Muthu as the first Mayor of Madurai Municipal Corporation has contributed a lot for the progress of this city.On 1st December 1975 Muthu announced his resignation from the D.M.K and then he joined as a member of the All India Anna DravidaMunnetraKazhagam(AIADMK).The Mayor’s election held on 8th August 1978 Muthu was again elected as Mayor by the AIADMK party which gained absolute majority and served as Mayor up to 1980.He had made several public services during his tenure as Mayor.

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