Tamil and Kannada Prosody - A Comparative Study

Keywords: Tamil grammar, Tholkappiyam, Tamil prosody, Kannada prosody


The old and ancient Tamil and Kannada literature is fully of poetic nature. Research oriented and related studies about prosody or meter is very less and rare. Amsha gana (asai) in Tamil is very wide and comprehensive and it has remained and kept its uniqueness by not getting influenced by other languages. So Kannada Scholers has opined that to understand the basic nature of Dravidian Prosody its necessary to learn about Tamil Prosody which is very essential. 
The present research article is about the study between Kannada and Tamil Prosodian literature and comparative study of Kannada and Tamil Amsha gana (Asai) Maathre (Ner and Nirai) has been dealt in this article with this comparative attempt of equivalent, diversity and difference between Kannada and Tamil prosody has been made in this study. These type of research studies helps to reconstruct the origin nature of (Proto Dravidian) Dravidian Prosody by and large.

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