Social and Revolutionary Ideas in Bharathidasan’s Epic, Kannagi

Keywords: Tamil modern poem, Bharathidasan’s poems, Kannagi epic, Political aspect, Duty of women, Suprsitions


The Revolutionary poet Bharathidasa’s has created a special place for himself in the twentieth century. In those days it was considered that the ‘Anna Chathiram’(Food Oblation Centre) maintained by people was moral duty. Unfortunately this is not practiced in the present. It needs reformation. “In the former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Dr. Annadurai has compared the American poet Walt Whitman and Bharathidasa and has also called Walt Whitman has America’s Bharathidhasan” (Revolutionary poet P.Muthiah P-63). Bharathidas argues that brides (women) are not inanimate objects handed over by father to the bridegrooms. From this argument of Bharathidasa’s to facts are revealed. One is to lead married life and another is to remain chaste.
Bharathidasa’s ideology of opposing God and respecting man has revealed his reformational attitude. Further he has also registered his ideas on the duty of women new liberation, political aspects and superstitious beliefs. Silapathigaram and Manimegalai are two great revolutionary epics in Tamil. As a revolutionary poet Bharathidhasan has also created epics of revolutionary ideas.

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