Maariyamman Vazhipaadu Kannaki Vazhipaadu

Keywords: Folklore, Tamil epic, Silapathikaram, Folk deity, Kannagi worship, Mariyamman worship, Comparative Study


It is said that in Silappathikaram, the Paththini goddess Kannaki had made a pilgrimage to a temple in many countries. After worshipping Kannaki, it was rain-filled, the poorness and the diseases were not there. The purpose of this article is to bring out that Kannagi temple, which had been raised for rain in that period, is now changed to Mariamman temples. Neem leaves are very special term for Mariamman. Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays are the best times to worship this Amman. They make pongal, the lamp and the tender coconut, to worship Mariamman. They will also walk in fire, take kavadi etc to worship Mariammam. Walking in fire will make you remember about the fire in Madurai. To explain that Kannaki is Mariamman, I am going to show a few sub titles.
1. Vengaiyum Vembum
2. Silambum Pongal Vaithalum
3. Kannakiyum mazhaiyum
This can be understood by the way Mariamman is worshipped as a symbol of the Tamil culture and the Tamil worship of Kannagi. The worship of Mariamman is not the worship of the Renuka, but the spread of the Veidic religion and the attempt to link the worship of Mariamman to their religion. Lord Kannagi is worshipped as Bhagavathi Amman in Kerala. Now in Tamilnadu, Kannaki has been changed to Mariamman.

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