Beliefs in Nature

Keywords: Folklore, Tamil classic literature, Folk beliefs in nature, Weather changes, Shower rituals, Wooden worship


Tamil people living in the countryside. They are living their lives by putting their thoughts on natural products. Folklore rewards the good and evil of the stars in the sky. The Sun or Moon appears after the disappearance of the people and is considered a new beginning. People believe that appealing to the deity can convey rain through rituals. The folk believe that appeals to the deity can be communicated by laws such as showers of rain. People believe that the gods and the evil spirits stay in the plants so that some plants are worshiped and some are taken away from their lives. People believe that animals are related to their body organs and that they are beneficial. Thus the confidence in the thoughts of the people is developed. Such beliefs are the cause of people who think that the benefits are good. They have established themselves in the community. That emerges as a community-based culture.

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