An Introduction to the Second Veeranaikar Diary

Keywords: History, Puducherry history, History of dairy, Printing work of diary, Introduction of ll Veeranaikar


Human life is subject to change over time. In that way, man made a habit of taking note of events in everyday life. This was later called the diary. The forerunner of the diaries is the Greek memorandum known as “Ephemerides”. The diary-writing system developed in the 18th century among Tamils. Anandarangappillai, who was the head of the French government in Puducherry, records the political and social situation in Puducherry in the 18th century. Many have since written a dairy, In that order Rajagopala Nayakar’s son ll Veeranaikar, who played the second lord (Nayinar) post in the French court’s both during the French rule of Puducherry in the late 18th century, wrote a dairy from 1778 to 1792. The introduction of ll Veeranayakar as well as information about Puducherry, history of Veeranaaykar’s dairy, Hints about printer of Veeranaikar’s diary,
process of process printing information’s explained in this article.

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