Puzzle of Tamil Society – Right and Left Hand Sects

தமிழ்ச் சமுதாயத்தின் புதிர் - வலங்கை இடங்கைப் பிரிவுகள்

  • M Kayalvizhy Assistant Professor, Department of Tamil, Pachiyappas College for Women, Kancheepuram. Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Tamilnadu History, Chola Dynasty, Caste System, Tamil Society, Karikala Chola, Sub Castes, Clashes, Death, Development, Disappeared


The right hand and left and sect was a peculiar system prevailed in the Medieval period of Tamil Nadu. This system consists 98 castes in the two sects. This system dominated the Tamil society for hundreds of years. It is believed that Karikala Chola established this system. In course of time many clashes arrived between them and it ends with death. Due to this system society diverted in to two. The Tamil kings gave full support to this system. In the beginning of 19th century this system disappeared suddenly from Tamil society. Nobody came to a conclusion that why this system appeared and disappeared in our society.

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