Jargon in Tamil - A Semantic Study

தமிழில் குழுக்குறி - பொருண்மையியல் ஆய்வு

Keywords: Tamil Grammar Linguistics, Semantics, designative meaning, connotative meaning, polysemy, synonymy, homonymy, jargon


Semantics is the study of meaning. It is describe relationship, the use of words and functions in language. Everyone knows primary meaning it is called the dictionary meaning of the word and also designative meaning. If a word has only one meaning, it can easily be said that it does not exist in terms of usage (Polysemy, Synonymy, Homonymy). Not only these, the secret language, codes of words used by a group of people for conceptual use, Jargon (group code), however this section is the semantic area particularly connotative meaning; that needs to be explored and explained in the linguistic context. What kind of words, in what sense are they used, who, for what, where are they used. The purpose of this article is to explore and explain.

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