Tholkappiya Elements and Mu. Metha’s Poem of Illutha Elluthukal

தொல்காப்பிய கூறுகளும் மு.மேத்தாவின் இழுத்த எழுத்துகளும்

Keywords: Tholkappiyam, Seiyuliyal, Tholkappiya Ilakkiya Koorugal, Bharathi, Mu. Metha


The first book found in Tamil is the grammar book Tholkappiyam. In Sangam literature many researches are being carried out on the basis of Thollkappiyam. In recent days, there is a custom of researching each and every element of Thollkappiam with novel perspectives. Similarly,an attempt has been made in this study to infuse fifteen literary elements, among the thirty four quoted in Thollkappiam, such as say (Kootru, Listener (Ketpor), Field (Kalan), Period (Kalam), Prelude (Munnam), Motive (Nokku), Maattu, Remnants (Echam), subject (Porul), Legacy (Marabu), (Consequent/use) Payan, Gesture (Meippadu), satire (Angatham), Implicit (Ullurai), Thinai (Division) with the poem drawn letters (izhutha ezhukkal) of Mu. Metha. This essay defines each element,
matches with the poetic lines and explains. The research reveals the matching of all the elements mentioned above except satire.

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