A Study on Herb based Place Names of Mullaitivu District, Sri Lanka

இலங்கை முல்லைத்தீவு மாவட்டத்திலுள்ள மூலிகை இடப்பெயர்கள்

  • S Sivashanmugarajah Senior Lecturer Grade - I, Unit of Siddha Medicine, University of Jaffna, Kaithady, Sri Lanka
Keywords: Sri Lanka, Tamils, Siddha Medicine, Herbs, Place names, Mullaitivu District, documentation, villages


There are many ways to find out the location and diversity of medicinal herbs for documentation. The detail study of herbal place names is one of them. This study was carried out to identify and documentation of herb based place names of Mullaitivu District in the Northern Province of Sri Lanka. The data was collected from field study,
interviews, Government publications, books and authentic journals. Among the 632 villages of this district, 183 villages (30%) were related to herbs names. The types of herbs relevant to the place names were 64% trees, 16% shrubs, 10% grasses, 8% creepers and 2% aquatic plants. Details are described in this article.

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