Psychological Behaviour of Characters and Behavioural Activities of Animals in Aazhi Soozh Ulagu and Korkai Novels

ஆழி சூழ் உலகு கொற்கை புதினங்களில் கதை மாந்தர்களின் உளப் பண்பாடும் விலங்கினங்களின் பழகும் பாங்கியலும்

  • V Karthy Ph.D. Analyst (Part Time), Tamil Department, Poombuhar College (Affiliated to Bhatathidasan University), Melaiyur, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Na Santhakumari Research advisor, Tamil Department, Poombugar College (Affiliated to Barathidasan University), Melaiyur, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Tamil Novels, R.N/ Joe De Cruz, Aazhi Soozh Ulagu, Korkar, Human, Animals, Behaviours, Environmental solicitude, Surrounding, Characters, Relationship, Bounded, Interdependent


The modern libertarian R.N.Joe De Cruz was born at Uvari in Thirunelveli District. He Registered the life of fisherman in his novels Aazhi soozh Ulagu and Korkai. in this novels every detail regarding the animals instigates the interest of the readers it vividly shows the author’s love towards the animals. The author has used several strategies to achieve his literary goal. His registration of animals behaviours shows his environmental solicitude, such that his observation on the surrounding helps him to beatify the incidence that take place in the Novels. The information regarding the animals with its behaviour and the events in the Novels help to strengthen the thoughts and actions off characters. The behaviour of animals which reflects the character’s mind, clearly depicts the relationships of animals bounded with human. The novels portray the relationship of human and animals as well as how they are inter dependent.

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