Tamilarin Naattu Maruthuva Varalaaru (History of Indigenous Tamils Medicinal System)

தமிழரின் நாட்டு மருத்துவ வரலாறு

  • R Dhinakar M.A. History, Pondicherry University, Pondicherry
  • T Subasree Research Scholar, St. Joseph’s College of Arts and Science, Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Tamils Traditional Medicine, Siddha Medicine, Indigenous Medicine, History of Tamil Medicinal System, Ancient Literary Pieces of Evidence on Medicine, Philosophy of Ancient Tamils Medicinal System


Tamils have their indigenous system of Traditional medicine (Siddha medicinal system) which developed through ages, from the dream time in the past and still evolving. This system of medicine did not evolve in a single day, it took a prolonged period, through vast experience gathered through observation of the human body, and its symptoms towards diseases and examination of thousands of herbs, metals, and minerals  to cure the diseases. This skill and wisdom have been passed over generations which made this system one of the most efficient medicinal systems of our time. But over time this Tamil system of medicine was suppressed and underestimated in the name of modern science, the biased-prejudiced propaganda and hatred spread by huge pharma groups against this system, to prove that this system of medicine is irrational and unscientific which not true. Same time the lack of support from the government side in the previous years to enhance this Tamil Siddha medicinal system, made the scenario favor western medicinal pharma groups. However, the scenarios are been changing with the wakening of Tamils’ political and historical consciousness. It is for sure that soon Tamil’s traditional system of Medicine will retrieve and rise with its unique philosophy and virtue.

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