Life of Agricultural People in the ‘Chool’ Novel

சூல் புதினம் காட்டும் வேளாண் மக்களின் வாழ்வியல்

Keywords: Tamil Nowels, Chool, Cho, Pharmar, Anthropology, Agriculture, Natural Knowledge, Habits, Rituals, Religious Beliefs, Penalties


Anthropology plays a very important role in the fields of fully researching man. The main reason for this may be that anthropology reveals the biological norms and morals of man. Anthropological elements and theories play an important role in the modern world today. Among such novels Cho. Thurman’s Sahitya Academy Award winning novel 'Chool'. The highlight of the day is to showcase the natural biology of the Karisal dialect agricultural people. Usually, the biography of agricultural people is centred on their land and land-based activities. Thus, the land-based activities of the Karisal land agrarian population are well documented today. This article is based on the anthropological study of the biographies of agricultural people such as occupations,
beliefs, customs and rituals.

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