The Novel ‘Ezharaippangali Vagaiyara’ from the Perspective of Cultural Anthropology

பண்பாட்டு மானிடவியல் நோக்கில் ‘ஏழரைப்பங்காளி வகையறா’ புதினம்

Keywords: Tamil Nolvels/ Criticism, Cultural Anthropology, Material Elements, Non-Material Elements, Cognitive, Elements, Ethical Elements, Optimism, Realism, Cultural Movements


‘Culture’ is the gradual development of civilization in human society. Every society has its own behaviors according to its ethnicity. Elements of culture are found in everything from spoken language, relationship levels, artefacts, arts, professions, oral traditions, religious festivals, beliefs, and rituals. They have been quoted in the literature ever since. Thus many novels tell the life story of the Islamic people. In which s. Arshia’s
novel ‘Ezharaippangali Vagaiyara’ is one of them. These novels, which focus on the life of the Islamic people, reveal the culture of that community. Cultural anthropology, a branch of anthropology, is at the forefront of this modern-day study. According to the semantic and non-material elements of ‘cultural anthropology’, research is carried out on the novel of the sevenfold genre. This study is based on the idea that one can know the culture of a society in terms of the principles stated by ‘cultural anthropology’.

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