Exorcism Rituals

பேயோட்டும் சடங்குமுறைகள்

Keywords: Folk lore/ Spirit, Demon, Sage, Ritual, Exorcism


The belief that nature and the spirits of dead humans, contrary to nature, haunt the living is prevalent. Man also worshiped these superstitions out of fear. Humans considered the spirits of the virtuous to be gods after death and the spirits of the wicked to attack and afflict people. Tolkappier points out that fear is one of the human emotions in numerical reality and is primarily one of the characteristics of women in particular. Based on such fears, they believed that the spirit of Theor was easily attacked by demons, demons, black snakes, etc., and could not bring various sufferings to women. Women believe in certain rituals to get rid of these. One of these is the ritual of exorcism with the priest. This article seeks to illustrate these rituals through a field study conducted at Kalikovil in Attupatti, near Vittal Nayakkan Patti, Dindigul District.

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