Biographies of the People of Kurinjila in the Sangam Akapadals

சங்க அகப்பாடல்களில் குறிஞ்சிநில மக்களின் வாழ்வியல்

Keywords: Tamil Literature, Sangam Literature, Kurinji, Theme, Subject, Kurinji land people, Kuravar, Kanavar, Verpar


The people of the Sangam period, who lived on the basis of land, were divided into small groups based on the occupation they carried out in the area in which they lived. There have been inequalities within them due to the industry and economy they have undertaken. Usually in the present context, while two brothers from the same
family are rising and falling due to the quality of education or economic advancement, their future status as two brothers is bisexual, and they are inequitable on the basis of whether they are comfortable or not. It was in this context that the people of the Sangam period were subdivided on the basis of land and then divided into smaller sections on the basis of the occupation carried on in the land. In it, the article sets out to explore the lives of the people of Kurinji land with the help of Sangam Akapadal.