Kotta Sculpture - Arthanariswarar (Thiruvelvikudi Temple for Special Purpose)

கோட்டச் சிற்பம் - அர்த்தநாரிஸ்வரர் (சிறப்பு நோக்கில் திருவேள்விக்குடி கோயில்)

  • T Vijayamala Architect Researcher
Keywords: Kotta Sculpture, Arthanariswarar, Chola, Lord Shiva, Marriage ceremony, Tiruvelvikudi


Tiruvelvikudi Temple is the 23rd northernmost temple of the Cauvery in Chola. The temple is located in Tiruvelvikudi, about 10 km northeast of Kuthalam in the Kuthalam circle of the Mayiladuthurai district. It is the place where the marriage ceremony to Lord Shiva took place. Therefore, this place is also known as Velvikudi and Gautama Bandana Sethiram as it is dedicated to Pratiyar (Parvati Devi). Currently known as Tiruvelvikudi and Thirulakudi.