Vinaingnar in Perumpaanaatruppadai

பெரும்பாணாற்றுப்படையில் வினைஞர்

Keywords: Literatures, Classical literatures, Perumpaanaatruppadai, Sangam Period, Society, Social Organization, Economy, Selver, Poor man, Landlord, Landless Person, Vinaingnar


Classical Literatures resembles the ancient Tamil social system. Although the ‘sangam period was a golden age’ with the terrestrial system of Kurinchi, mullai, marutham and neythal, the rich, the poor, the landlords and the landless lived in that period. The land owners were economically prosperous and the landless were unwealthy and employer for the landlords. The classical songs show that this difference is abundant in the affluent wetland community. One of the Classical song Perumpaanaatruppadai features news about a worker (Vinaingnar) who lives and works with landowners for the most part.

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