Kanniyamman Worship of Irulas

இருளர்களின் கன்னியம்மன் வழிபாடு

Keywords: Tamil Nadu, Tribes, Nomads, Tribal, Irular, Folk songs, Deity, Kanniyamman, Ceremony


Irulas are identified by their dark bodies (Black). The word ‘Erular’ is the oldest form of them. In this word changed in to ‘Irula’ in the medial period. They are live in the Coimbatore area and also the neighboring states of Tamil Nadu. Irulas worshipped nature and their ancestors lived as nomads. The people of Irula community had their own beliefs, traditional stories, festivals and rituals even now they observe their believes. Tell the stories celebrate the festivals and perform rituals. They have several gods according to their community as family deity. However, the festival of Kanniyamman of the Irular tribes is celebrated on the beach in the month of Masi (Feb) that is full moon day celebration or Masimaham worship. All the Irula People from various parts of South India gather in the Mamallapuram beach. They believe Kanniyamman angers every year for their wrongs and goes to Mamallaburam beach. On the day of Masimaham and full moon day they celebrate and invite Kanniyamman to their homes. The same day night they celebrate with traditional folk songs, dances and awareness programmes. Next day early morning, they build seven steps and a small tent for Kanniyamman. Then, the Irulas arrange marriages and other ceremonies on the beach. This research paper is to document the Kanniyamman Masimaham ceremony.

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