Kambaramayanathil Meipadugal

கம்பராமாயணத்தில் மெய்ப்பாடுகள்

  • J Kavitha Assistant Professor, Department of Tamil, PSGR Krishnammal College For Women, CBE-04, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Kambaramayanam, Meipadu, Tholkaapiyam, Tholkaapiyar, Thamilannal, Emotions, Kambar


One of the most special thing in the tamil literature is the facts principle .Originated from dramas and the way travelled through literature.Thamilannal says,”The internal and external tamil literature contains the characteristics of dramas”.According to the changes and the development in the society, fact principle can be explained or expressed through emotions.”Kaninum seviyinum” the lines written by Thamilanal explains us that ,the person who understands only the meaning of the words, cant understand the meaning of the real facts.Inorder to understand that , a person should see, hear, feel, express with the help of their eyes and ears.We can see the facts principle of Tholkaapiyar, directly in Kambar.Tholkaapiyar also explains us the reason for the creation of facts principle. Kambar will explain us the expressions and feelings of the characters of the story .We can understand the condition of occurrence of many facts principle in a single time through Kambar’s poems and Tholakaapiyar’s eight types of facts principle.