Akananutril Paalai Nila Makkalin Nadukkal Vazhipadu

அகநானூற்றில் பாலை நில மக்களின் நடுகல் வழிபாடு

  • K Karthika Assistant Professor, Tamil Department, Adiyaman College of Arts and Science for Women, Uthangarai, Krishnagiri District, Tamilnadu, India
Keywords: Sangam Literature, Akananuru, Nadukal worship, Paalai Nilam, Tolkappiyam


The Sangam period was a time of praise for love and heroism. As a symbol of heroism, every warrior was considered to be the best warrior in the war. The literature tells us that during the Sangam period, the Nadukkal was worshiped by the soldiers who died in such a fall. The role of Nadukal is very significant in conveying the culture of the ethnic people. Nadukal is the culture, belief, gratitude and reward of the Tamils. The Sangam literature narrates the tradition of worshiping the dead as warriors during the Sangam period. It also plays an important role in disseminating evidence of the doctrine of the Tamils. These stones are also known as Nadukkal, Veerankal, Veerakkal and Monument. It has been the tradition of the Tamils to pay homage to the fallen hero in battles in honor of his heroism. In that regard, this article will examine one of the Sangam literary texts entitled “ Akananutril Paalai Nila Makkalin Nadukkal Vazhipadu”.