Weaving Millet in the Great Myth Theme

பெரியபுராணத்தில் நெய்தல் திணைக் கருப்பொருட்கள்

Keywords: Ancient Literature, Tamil Puranam, Periyapuranam, Mythical Literary, Great Myth, Sixty-three Nayans, Five Lands, Kurinji, Paalai


Ancient literature of tamil, unique literature. The department has a great place in the literary tradition of the department which is famous for its literature that speaks of the pride of tamil. This mythical literary tradition has also had a great influence on later literary development.
It can be seen that this influence has been created in the great myth as well. The first thing that is spoken of in the intrinsic tradition is the primordial, thematic, the adjective. First, the nucleus, the adjective archetype, and the adjective are created to suit grammatical development. Sixty-three nayans cover all races and lands. The first embryo of the five lands, the first of kurinji to paalai, is preserved in this book by sheikh peruman.

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