Fear in The Creation of The Protagonist in Kalaviyal - And the Problems that Arise in The Elimination of Fear

களவியலில் தலைவி பாத்திர படைப்பாக்கத்தில் அச்சமும் - அச்சம் நீங்குதலில் எழும் சிக்கல்களும்

Keywords: Tolkappiyar, Theory of Kalaviyal, Tamil Biology, Sexual Desire, Tamil Society


Tolkappiyar, when formulating the theory of kalaviyal, suppresses the whole biological elements of the Tamil society within it. The phrase ‘see the bridge’ does not appear to be sexual intercourse when looking at each other. Tolkappiyam mentions that when the couple sees each other for the sake of the order of the head, sexual desire appears and instinct occurs.