The Percussion Instruments of Sangam Tamils

சங்ககாலத் தமிழர்களின் தோற்கருவிகள்

  • A Ligoriya Ph.D. Researcher (Roll No: 1925120023), Department of Tamil Studies, Annamalai University, Annamalai Nagar, Tamil Nadu, India
  • S Priya Tamil Department, Government Arts College, C. Mudlur, Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Music, Musical Instrument, String E Percussion, Heavy Instrument, String Instrument


Among the various arts that appeared in the world, music was the first to appear. Tamils led a life in harmony with music. When man first came with animals and hunting industries, music was only a sound signal and it was directly related to their labor. They believed that playing musical instruments would increase the hunting industry. They lived by sharing the food they got from hunting. Humans expressed their inner joy through dancing and making sounds. Tamils have been able to compare the sounds made by birds, animals, beetles, toads and waterfalls with the sound of musical instruments. This article examines how the people of the Sangam period used percussion instruments after realizing them.