'Nilam Poothu Malarntha Nal' Naavalil Arasa Vazhvum Paanar Edapeyarchiyum

‘நிலம் பூத்து மலர்ந்த நாள்’ நாவலில் அரச வாழ்வும் பாணர் இடப்பெயர்ச்சியும்

Keywords: Politics, Anthropology, Migration, Maheeranum Mayilanum, Columbun, Foreigners


The man who lived a nomadic life in the early days of the world established his abode in rich areas and established a stable life. Through his exchange of thoughts and ideas many literatures appeared in the settled areas. Literary exchanges took place in Tamil and Malayalam, which are considered to be the twin children of the Dravidian languages. In that way, there has been a need to explore the displacement elements of Panar and Pulavar life through Manojkurur’s Nilam Poothu Malarntha Naal, a novel written in Malayalam in modern times, focusing on Sangam literature which proclaims the antiquity of Tamil. The hardships that occur when Panars go from town to town to see the kings, the disparity between the Panars and the poets, the lifestyles of the Panars community, and the political background are the reasons for the migration.