Mullaipattu Nachchinaarkkiniyarurai: Scholarly Assessments and Quotations

முல்லைப்பாட்டு நச்சினார்க்கினியருரை: புலமை மதிப்பீடுகளும் உரைமேற்கோள்களும்

Keywords: Nachinarkiniyar, Enangavurai, Vaidhikam, Maraimalaiyadigal, Tamil Tradition, Evaluation, Quotations, Tolkappiyam


The advent of print media as a result of colonial rule brought about a profound change in the Tamil context. Until then, Sangha literature, which had been confined to the homes and monasteries of scholars, entered the print vehicle in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. U. Ve. Sa. In 1889, he edited and published a book titled ‘Pathuppattu moolamum Maduraiyayashit Bharathuvasi Nachinarkiniyaruraiyum’. Since then, the Tamil literature began to focus its attention on the Pathupattu texts and Nachinarkinyar’s discourses addressed to those texts. The reading function of this literary tradition has made Nachinarkinyar’s text highly critical. This article examines the evaluation of scholars on Nachinarkiniyar’s text caught in the critical tradition and the nature of quotations.

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