Cultural Traditions in Kalki’s Short Story ‘Veena Bhavani’

கல்கியின் ‘வீணை பவானி’ சிறுகதையில் பண்பாட்டு

  • PS Moovendan Associate Professor, Department of Tamil Studies, Arulmiku Subramaniaswamy Government Arts College, Thiruthani, Thiruvallur District, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Kalki, Veena Bhavani, Cultural Traditions, Short Stories, Human Culture Morality


Kalki is one of the best who achieved great achievements in Tamil literary creation and earned an immortal place in the field of Tamil literature. Just as his novels have a permanent place in history, so do his short stories. They are meant to reinforce the integrity of civilization and human virtue. Although he has created many short stories, the morals and cultural integrity of the human cultural traditions that he expresses through the short story ‘Veena Bhavani’, formed in his work, form the central subject of this article.