The Prosperity of Parambumalai and the Life of the People in Veerayuga Nayagan Velbari Novel

‘வீரயுக நாயகன் வேள்பாரி’ நாவலில் பறம்புமலையின் வளமும் அம்மக்களின் வாழ்வும்

Keywords: Velbari, Parambu Hill, Su. Venkatesan, Tholkappiyam, Pari Vendan


Nature is God’s greatest gift to this world. Nature gives life to man. If there is no nature, there is no moisture in the soil, no yield, no human life. Nature provides an opportunity for living beings to live interdependently. Veerayuga Nayagan Velbari is a novel written by Su.Venkatesan about Parambu Malai Nayagan Velbari and the life norms of these people. The author Su.Venkatesan has emphatically recorded that ‘Bari is not a symbol of a ruined social system but is forever admired as a great example of imperishable human character. This article explores the resources of Parambu Hill and the lifestyle of these people mentioned in this novel.