Hindu Culture of Batticaloa during the Anuradhapura Period

அநுராதபுர கால மட்டக்களப்பின் இந்துப்பண்பாடு

Keywords: Batticaloa, Hindu Culture, Thesathu Kovils, Veera Saivam, Mukkuvar


Batticaloa region which is situated in the East Ceylon has been a location where Hindu Culture has been prevailed for a longtime. The primitive families have been Hindus and from time to time people from various parts of India settled in various parts of Batticaloa. The objective of this study is to find out the such Hindu tradition prevailed in Btticaloa for a longtime and the nature of Hindu cultural aspects related period of Anuradhapura Era. Historical study and Descriptive methods this study has been undertaken. Inscriptions, Batticaloa historical Texts and oral traditions have been used as sources. The cultural mixture came into being through Indian settlements, ‘Thesathu kovils’ worshipping traditions, ‘Veera Saiva’ diffusions, social life and such information are being disclosed.

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