In the Archaic Grammar Tradition and Variable Content in Muthal-Karu-Uri in Tholkappiya Aga Ilakkanam and Maran Agapporul

தொல்காப்பிய அக இலக்கண மரபில் மாறன் அகப்பொருள் சுட்டும் முதல், கரு, உரி

Keywords: semantics, semantic convention, antecedent, theme, epithet


Porul Ilakkanam is a proof of the pride and uniqueness of Tamil language. It can be considered as the best of any language race in the world languages. The Porul Ilakkanam is the basis for the meaning and imagination of Sangam songs. Grammatical Grammar In Tamil tradition for thousands of years, there are many places where the narratives have preserved the character of the case. Tholkappiyam, which is considered to be the first complete grammar book of Tamil, was followed by various grammar books over time. They were adapted to the religious and social norms of the authors of those books and the customs of their time. Thus Maran Agapporul is unique in the later grammars of the sixteenth century. Developmental trends in subject grammar can be seen in the grammar description of this book. This article aims to show the origin and development of the ideas of this book in a comparative perspective, the skills contained in the archeology and the changes made by this book.

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