The Healing Qualities of the Yavetuwa Ritual and its Need for it Today (A Study Focused on the Kaluvankeni Hunters of the East)

வேட்டுவச் சடங்காற்றுகையின் குணமாக்கல் தன்மைகளும் அதன் இன்றைய தேவையும் : கிழக்கிலங்கை களுவன்கேணி வேடர்களை மையப்படுத்திய ஆய்வு

Keywords: East India, coastal hunters, uthiyas, healing, curing


Over the ages, ritualistic activities have been giving the communities who perform certain rituals the conditions of being liberated by healing. But among today’s societies, issues such as globalization, colonial influences, etc., are having far-reaching consequences to the contrary. This article examines the need to make use of the effects of healing in accordance with the present, along with uncovering the cults of hunters and their extreme healing effects, which are seen as the easiest means of freeing themselves from them, which are always immutable and unique. This was achieved only through a large number of participatory field surveys. To heal the ritualistic activities of most information; They appear to have been obtained directly from the people. Since the researcher belongs to the community, the research has been carried out over the past six months through non-stop dialectical observations, participatory activities, interviews, data collection, etc. That is how rituals, ceremonial events, the traditions associated with it, and the source of those events; It became apparent that the flow of energy of the collective combinations produced was made possible only by the multiplication of consciousness that results from the supreme faith of the men who perform these worships and those who seek worship in order to remove the effects. It is through these characteristics that the conditions of stress that have existed in the people over the ages can be easily created.

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