An Analytical Study on Selected Cement Companies in India and Marketing Strategy as Prevailing Factor

Keywords: Marketing Strategy, Cement, Correlation, ANOVA, Competitive Advantage


Strategy is a plan of action to attain a predefined long-term goal. In the same way, marketing strategy is the goal of increasing sales or profit and achieving sustainable competitive advantage. Marketing strategy always plays an important role in the growth of a company or industry as a whole. The marketing strategy also decides the future position of the company in the market and the industry. The business has a purpose of serving the customer. Marketing is the strategist of product pricing, quality, sales promotion, and distribution of products that satisfy the customers and marketing intermediaries. So this study has emphasised the existing system from the select cement industries. For them, define a suitable Marketing Strategy model to maximise the sales in the national and international market. This study is completely based on primary data. Both primary, as well as secondary data have been collected to undertake the study. Mostly Primary data collected through survey method using questionnaire and observation method has been adopted. A questionnaire has been prepared to distribute among the cement marketing professionals and channel partners to collect the relevant data for the analysis. The collected were analysed using relevant statistical tools like Correlation and ANOVA Analysis. It was noted that the respondents from the cement industry of Ultra Tech, ACC, and Ambuja cement have responded to the option Strongly Agreed and Agree about regular practices of the marketing strategy of these selected companies.

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