A Study on Visionary Aspects and Causes of Potential Entrepreneurs

Keywords: Entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurship, Vision, Venture, Aim, Facilitation


The study aims to examine the causes that a person - unemployed or even employed to become a prospect entrepreneur and various inspiring or forcing factors that encourage him/her to create a new business enterprise and also to find out their creative aspect towards which he/she needs to apply in his/her new business enterprise. A fully prepared questionnaire was framed and circulated to the persons who have thought of opening a new business enterprise in their future. The sample used for this study is 75. The investigator measured three significant factors that stimulate persons to start a new business enterprise viz., Ambition Related Factors (ARF); Compelling Factors (CF), and Facilitating Factors (FF). Out of the three factors, the study exposed that ARF is the major influencing factor for the persons to start a new business even though the second two also have some power over them. They have their business enterprise as their objective to come accurate in future for which they are attractive all possible events to carry out their vision. Also, it is established that creating a responsive environment that is followed by fair treatment of their employees are the most significant aspects that they may pursue in their new business enterprise.

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