Enhancing Women’s Empowerment: Evidence from Tamilnadu

  • S Thangamayan Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, VELS Institute of Science, Technology and Advanced Studies, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Women empowerment, Rural women, Employment, Economic status, Rights, Entrepreneurship


Rural women play a critical role in the rural economies of both developed and developing countries. This alludes to country women’s impression of their situation in the family just as in-network. From the Gender and Development viewpoint, the reason for women’s absence of admittance to land is situated in auxiliary imbalances concerning work jobs and frameworks of possession. Gender orientation and Development scholars accept that women ought not to be essentially outfitted with occupations yet ought to be legitimately engaged to possess and control their property. Incountry territories, women are included more in family unit exercises contrasting with metropolitan regions; thus, they are not in any event, getting chances for essential examinations including social exercises and spending for things they wan unreservedly. While the women living in metropolitan urban communities just as more modest urban areas can distinguish themselves with any women connected program or join a development associated with women and can want to partake in that for their advantage, the metropolitan rustic separation and disengage in India keeps similar advantages from arriving at the women people living in our towns. Another significant disadvantage and distinction between both the classifications of women are that the dominant part of women in provincial India as of now, in the age section of 35-65 years, have been avoided any type of formal education. Women in metropolitan territories have more equivalent sex inclinations and more prominent impact in every day homegrown and life course choices than women in rustic regions. Women living in metropolitan territories additionally are bound to report at the same time young lady or equivalent inclination and a more noteworthy state in choices about children.

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